Workshops & Trainings

With an experience of more than 5 years in BtoB sales, after more than 5 years in Canada in digital marketing and hundreds of articles written on the blog, I wanted to propose a different format to exchange around subjects that I am passionate about. Sessions are held in workshops of 2 to 3 hours depending on the theme. Mainly in French but with the possibility to have an English version. Each session can welcome between 12 and 20 participants. The richness of these workshops is to be able to exchange live with the participants and personalize each session.

I travel in France, Canada and the workshops are also available online (find the calendar here).

Possibility to animate the workshops in companies.

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Self development

Develop self-confidence

Duration: 2 hours

Format: online or face-to-face

Description:  Self-confidence comes more naturally to some people than others. Some people need a little help to reach their full potential. By exploring several avenues it is possible to become aware of what makes you unique, what makes you beautiful and strong to help you feel better every day. Developing self-confidence can help you to push open doors that you seem to have been inaccessible until now, helps you to blossom and to be happier. We all dream about it, don’t we?


Develop your network to achieve your professional goals

Duration: 2 hours

Format: online or face-to-face

Description: Networking is one of my favourite activities, I find it really very rewarding, I take great pleasure in meeting new people, in this workshop I share my tips. Because I think it is very important to know each other and to be comfortable with what we are looking for and what we have to offer, this workshop is divided into 2 parts. The first part focuses on self-discovery and identifying your professional goals. The second focuses on relationship development, how to initiate a new professional relationship, how to optimize your time, how to develop and maintain these relationships.

Immigration Canada

Newcomer's Guide to Toronto

Duration: 2 hours

Format: online or face-to-face

Description: Arriving in a new city, especially one that is English-speaking, can be intimidating. Thanks to my blog, I am in regular contact with newcomers and I have created a guide to answer all the questions you may have when you arrive. It talks about the practical side of things such as how to get from the airport to the city centre when you arrive, how to get your SIN number and also a wealth of information to help you understand the codes of this new city.

This session is also an opportunity to ask your own questions directly and to benefit from my many years of experience on the spot.


Develop your professional social networks

Duration: 3 hours

Format: online or face-to-face

Description: You are an entrepreneur but social networks are not really your thing? Don’t panic, it’s mine and it’s a subject that fascinates me! As I always say during these sessions: the goal here is for you to learn enough to be able to manage your social networks, while spending as little time as possible, without it becoming your job and even less your main occupation.

We talk about the importance of being present on social networks, the type of content to post, I share tips and tools to optimize your time. I also explain how this mysterious world works, what you can expect from it and how to make the most of it.

Customer relations as a freelancer

Duration: 2 hours

Format: online or face-to-face

Description: You are a freelancer, you are passionate about your business but you are not comfortable with prospecting and customer relations in general? Don’t panic, you are not the only one and I have something for you. A workshop focused on the development of your customer relations, from prospect search to customer transformation, from negotiation to loyalty building. Several steps that can become a less unpleasant activity (or even a pleasure yes yes!) even for the most reticent if you know a few techniques and tricks to make it more of a pleasure than a chore.